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We are very happy & proud about Didier Borgel-Hansen winning a Gold Epica for Samsung Galaxy.
Congrats buddy!

Iclaudius widens his scope of work with family comedy lifestyle with this new Philipps brand film.
Subtle art direction, cute, fresh.

Sophie Gateau is used to hardcore technical challenges.
For new Plenti yogurt, she went on a field trip with her motion control, juggler & dog in slow motion for a smooth, hearty result.

Mischievous women! With just a kiss they can steal your heart… or your coffee.
Didier Borgel-Hansen delivers another cute comedy for Nescafé.

Partytime! Steven Ada delivers a mix of spectacular & emotion for Celcom XPAX.

Cécile Boisrond delivers a cute lifestyle story with a nice combination of comedy & CGI.

Sound looks beautiful. For Peugeot’s new concept car Fractal, Deluxe created & directed this visually stunning film around Amon Tobin’s soundtrack. Sensual, cool & elegant. WOW

Martin Arnaldo fruitful collaboration with Clear continues. This time he meets beautiful Miranda Kerr once again for the launching of new Pure Derm campaign.

Sehsucht takes us on an incredible experimental animation trip with the opener of MTV show « World Exclusive ».
Flying backwards through seven rooms, we realize the journey itself is the destination. Animation can take you anywhere.

Sebastien Grousset invites you to witness the craziest, most absurd duel: Owen Wilson vs. other people. Fighting, stunts, skewers & celery. Aperitivo just reached a new level.

Ufo celebrates Evian’s Alexander Wang capsule collection.
Graphic, modern, rhythmical.

Juergen Bollmeyer takes us places with this new Toyota Camry film for US market.
Golden gate bridge, Yosemite, rockclimbing, super crane & high heels.

Johnatan Broda delivers an intriguing film for French Armée de Terre.
He combines subtle effects for an elegant recruiting campaign.

What’s worse than bad coffee ?
Pretending it’s good coffee!
Didier Borgel illustrates this situation we’ve all experienced in this endearing film for Nescafé Vietnam.

Alex&Nico made Danonki the coolest kid snack !
Fun, stylish, energetic, their film is an ode to childhood, and reminds us what it was playing around with our gang.

Gil Green’s latest music video .
Miami Vice. Pitbull feat Chris Brown. Ladies in Bikini.
A huge success with over 60 Million views on YouTube.
Guys, get ready to get really hot.

The French Open is on!
Longines, official timekeeper of the tournament chose Sébastien Drhey to sign a beautiful, endearing film featuring world class champions André Agassi & Steffi Graf.
No less.

Henri Barges signs a full set of title sequence for Dubai TV.
Beautiful, strong art direction & stunning CGI.
Typically Henri’s touch.

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