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Steven Ada widens his skills palette beyond lifestyle and CGI with this beauty/skincare film with Bollywood celebrity Katrina Kaif for Veet.

In between the rough desert and intriguing big city flair, Juergen Bollmeyer shot the new Infiniti campaign, showcasing the luxury car range moving elegantly across the asphalt in Dubai.

The indian adventure continues for Martin Arnaldo! He delivers another beautiful L’Oréal film with Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor. Smooth!

Agathe Riedinger is definitely the rising sensation of French music videos! For Nameless’ last video Agathe organized a team-building seminar based on Kama Sutra. After watching it, everyone will want to go!

When Bakers revisit Games of Thrones for an energic drink….
it is bloody energetic !!

Agathe strikes again on the music video scene! This time, she shows how dangerous it is to play with fire, and how beauty can move to tears even the toughest guys for Yasmine Hamdan (aka Yas). Hypnotic.

Kids can often be creative in the kitchen. Sophie Boudre knows that, and delivers this cute comedy, where what seemed like strange ideas can actually be good ideas! Tasty!

Let’s play a riddle! Who is redhead, vicious yet extremely attractive?
The Nestlé Extreme girl, bien sûr!
Sébastien Grousset shows his mise en scène mastery with the painfully beautiful story of a girl being (very) mean to her own reflection.

How far can people go to get their favorite drink?
Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is ready to go “the extra mile” to get his Thumbs UP in this comedy/action “driven” production.
Buckle up! Seriously!

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