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Changing the duvet cover can be a real pain.
Christophe Navarre pictures it a fun way we can all relate to, and introduces Tex new zip system.

After Melbourne, NYC, Berlin and many other cities, the “NoLightsNoLycra” parties finally made it to Paris!
Sophie Gateau shot this cool film to invite Parisians to come as they want to be, let go of everything and DANCE!

On top of being a talented director, Rafael Levy is also a great photographer.
Check out his portfolio, edited on Gesaffelstein’s iconic track “Destinations”.

It’s spring time, at last!
Sébastien Grousset signs another film to celebrate the beautiful days coming ahead at “El Corte Ingles” with balloons symbolizing the playfulness of the blooming season.
Glamorous & elegant, as always.

IClaudius strikes again with this new Honda Accord film.
Rhythmic, sensual, slick.

Rafael Levy signs Dior Nude’s film for Asia, featuring Natalie Portman.
With a strong art direction, and graphic design, Rafael delivers this graceful, aerial and elegant film.

Party time! Youhoouuuu!!!
Christian Lyngbye threw a pretty exclusive one for Tuborg.
This time the party’s on in a fashion store. The second the shop closes, it’s time for big sound and dance!

Transformer. Potato. Chris Delaporte orchestrated a metaphorical battle between a super hero and the super powers of potatoes.
It bears Chris’ usual touch with super slick 3D and is a real moment of fun.

Unlike Targaryen babies who may play with dragons like others play with teddy bears, human babies sometimes have “dragons” bothering them.
Cécile Boisrond pictures this in a cute, endearing film for baby cream Mitosyl.

Juergen Bollmeyer second collaboration with Infiniti, captures the essence of the new Infiniti QX80 Luxury SUV, its power in the city and the desert, its style, day and night.
First class film.

A year of harvesting prizes later, Jeremy Charbit’s critically acclaimed Kusmi Tea campaign, continues with the 4th opus of this unique aquatic saga.
Featuring a British gentleman and a Russian lady who celebrate the beauty of blends in an underwater ballet. Dive in!

Nobrain invites you to join them for a poetic, stop motion ride for McDonalds Happy Meal.
Al(most) done all live, the challenge was to assemble two technical shots: the hand wandering in the countryside and the animation in stop motion, with motion control for a seamless result.
Congrats guys!

Christophe Navarre enters 2015 with a big statement of a film for LU brand campaign! Full of poetry yet spectacular, this big scale film is in invitation to bring back some nature in our busy, urban environments. Christophe adds his recognizable touch, modern, human, full of authenticity… and youngsters! Fresh & cool.

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